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Existing customers - which photo kiosk do you have?

Please identify your photo kiosk hardware (not the cabinet or printer) based on the descriptions or the images, below.

PE4000 - Orange
PE4000 - Red
PE5000 PE6000 PE7000 Microlab
(KS1 - KS3)
Sony UP-DR150
Senor Brand, black in colour, the screen and the CPU are in two pieces, and the receipt printer is semi-detached. MTE brand of kiosk, the colour is usually orange, the screen does not tilt and it has a flat top. MTE brand, 2-piece kiosk cabinet. IGA-branded red version with perspex price display. Neo brand, all-in-one self-standing unit, with silver facia. Photo Express generic brand. Flytech brand, 15" titlable screen, grey in colour, single printer cabinet. Very similar to the PE6000, (Flytech brand and grey in colour) but with a larger 17" tiltable screen. Dual Printer. Multi-kiosk & multi-printer behind-counter setup,also known as PhotoLab Express. The Sony UP-DR150 is used by all Photo Express Kiosks.
 PE3000 Photo Kiosk  PE4000 Photo Kiosk PE5000 - Red coloured IGA Supermarket Brand PE5000 Photo Kiosk Photo Express PE6000 Model of Photo Kiosk  PE7000 Photo Kiosk

Microlab Kiosk Configuration

Microlab Print Server

Sony UP-DR150 Professional Photo Printer


Sony UP-DR150 Photo Printer
Photo Media (paper and ribbon) Sony UP-DR150 Photo Printer
Photo Media Consumables for Sony UP-DR150 Sony UP DR150 Photo Printer

National Kiosk Services specialises at the service and maintenance of photo kiosks, not in the sale of photo paper and consumables. Please see Spectrum Consumables for photo media sales.


National Kiosk Services specialises at the maintenance, support and repair of the Sony range of photo printers, commonly used by retail businesses for "underneath" photo kiosk use, event photographer use and also by supermarket "Microlab" use.



National Kiosk Services

National Kiosk Services (NKS) specialises at the support and maintenance of Photo Kiosks.

NKS can help your business get the most out of a self-service photo kiosk investment by ensuring your system is efficiently deployed and diligently maintained. Our technology expertise and our extensive service networks are world class and our senior people are regarded as industry experts.  Should we need to provide service in an area we do not currently cover, our operations approach allows us to quickly staff up and train field staff in new areas to support your digital photo kiosk.

NKS will review deployment and service procedures, define responsibilities, establish schedules, address project details, assure follow-up and refine service procedures appropriate to each customer. All steps are taken to ensure the highest level of service throughout the life of a maintenance contract.

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